Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Des œufs de poule

Someone offered us some fresh eggs and we gladly accepted them. Ken hard-boiled six of them on Tuesday before it occurred to me to take a picture, so here are the remaining four. We ate a couple with mayonnaise, œufs durs mayonnaise, a French café staple and a common restaurant appetizer. They were delicious.

Fresh from the hen's, uh... well, let's just say "fresh from the hen."

We're having another wind storm. The first one was on Monday. Now it's happening again. Ugh. You know how I hate the wind. And the yard is covered in fallen branches. Again.


  1. Nothing worse than bad wind. The eggs look delicious.

  2. Nothing like fresh eggs! We're lucky enough to have a neighbor who keeps chickens, so we are usually well supplied.

  3. Wind is breaking? Is that a joke? Actually, here in Northern California, we've been having a very windy and rainy winter. I'm really tired of cleaning the yard of all the limbs that are dropping from our oak trees. Enough already!

  4. Windy and rainy here too. When I think about complaining, I remember the drought and decide the rain isn't so bad. Don't like wind though.

  5. Lovely eggs. How do you eat them with mayo -- are they sliced or whole? In the US, they'd be chopped up for egg salad.

  6. andrew, wind really drives me crazy.

    mitch, too many eggs? ;)

    ginny, lucky you! We thought (very briefly) about keeping chickens, but I don't think we eat enough eggs.

    diane, I did one clean up so far this spring. Now I've got to do it again.

    chris, good attitude!

    emm, usually cut in half, lengthwise. I like egg salad, too!


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