Monday, March 04, 2019

Not exactly roadside

This is the property that belongs to whom I refer to as the Artsy Organized Neighbor. He's a retired guy who lives down in the village, but he owns this property up near the vineyards and keeps all kinds of "stuff" in neat piles on one end, stuff like firewood, but also old roof tiles, signs, construction machines, and the old trailer you see in the upper left of the photo. He maintains a path into the woods that ends on the edge of a ravine. He has recently planted a collection of old roadside markers in a straight line through the woods where we often walk with Tasha.

The line of roadside markers extends for a distance into the woods from here.

The mayor once told me that the AON used to work for the highway department. That explains a lot.


  1. Love those markers- the guy probably is putting his collection to use for you and Tasha lol.

  2. I like that old trailer which has the lines of a Roma caravan.

  3. Just think of him as your local Christo, and you are living in the midst of Art.
    I, too, like the lines of that old trailer.

  4. Maybe next he'll relocate a road to align with the markers.


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