Saturday, March 23, 2019

Views of Lavoûte-Polignac

The château of Lavoûte-Polignac is built on a rocky bluff above the Loire River, but it's hard to tell that from the vantage points we had. At one point, we pulled off the road near a railroad bridge and climbed down the riverbank and under the bridge. After a short walk, we got this view:

The château rises from a bluff above the Loire, a much narrower river this close to its source.

The view is of the eastern end of the castle. You can easily see that the castle is a narrow building, much wider in one dimension than the other. Poor Tasha had to stay in the car while we adventured to the photo spot. Having just had a walk, she didn't mind too much.

The castle's southern façade.

On the home front, I made some progress in the garden on Friday. I got the small tiller out and tilled the soil along the back edge of the vegetable plot. Then I put up the fence that will serve as a trellis for a crop of snow peas. I plan to plant some of the seeds today. I also trimmed down last year's oregano, daisies, and Jerusalem artichokes to make way for new spring growth.


  1. So glad spring is coming to your garden. That chateau is amazing. Can you imagine all the climbing of stairs those poor servants had to do?

    1. Oh, Mitchell, so true! I hadn't thought of that. Geeeeeze.

  2. These photos are lovely, but lonely. Thanks for taking the hike so we could enjoy them.

  3. Beautiful pictures of beautifully kept buildings, Walt. Lonely and remote location, as said, but also mysterious-looking (? if that's the right word), as if many stories could be told about their history and everything they've seen. I keep wondering how on earth people were able to build them at the time. Can it be visited?

  4. mitch, I'll bet they were in very good shape!

    judy, you said it!

    evelyn, we were the only people there.

    elgee, the château is closed in the winter, but open for visits the rest of the year.


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