Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Hope springs eternal

This is a spring up on the hill behind the house we rented in Le Puy-en-Velay a couple of weeks ago. It's quite a fancy setup, with two flows and stone basins to hold some of the water before it runs out to a stream. We saw a couple of similar springs around, all with the "non-potable, do not drink" symbol. I wonder what, if anything, the water is used for, or if the whole thing is just a remnant from another time.

Water springs forth from the ground in the volcanic hills around Le Puy.

A spring is une source in French. As opposed to spring, the season, which is le printemps. Or spring, the coiled bouncy thing, called un ressort.


  1. So tempting. Wonder what happened to the people who DID drink it.

  2. Happy equinox to you and Ken!

  3. Watering animals (to judge by the troughs)?

  4. The stone work with the troughs were installed to facilitate washing clothes, which would be beaten on the stonework to loosen stubborn dirt. As to drinking the water, it is probably no worse and no better than untreated well water anywhere. Roderick

  5. mitch, we don't talk about them.

    evelyn, thank you!

    judy, hehe!

    autolycus, could be...

    roderick, a plausible explanation.


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