Saturday, March 30, 2019

Up to the cathedral

Once we made it up the hill to the cathedral, we faced two steep staircases to reach the entrance. A little more effort and we were on the porch looking westward.

The west front of the cathedral in Le Puy-en-Velay.

The front doors of the cathedral were locked, and the stair to the cloister was gated shut. I waited on the porch with Tasha while Ken went around the south side looking for an entrance.

Looking westward from the cathedral's porch.

He found the entrance near the transept and went in for a look. When he was done, he stayed with the dog while I went inside.


  1. Two wonderful photographs. The view from the church shows the surrounding area beautifully. In many American cities, churches cannot be left open as people will steal from, destroy and even defecate in the interior. Sad times in which we live.
    Jim Lewis

  2. I am loving your photos from this trip!

  3. mitch, it's pretty and only slightly difficult to walk on!

    jim, thanks. Many smaller churches here are locked up for similar reasons.

    judy, cool! :)


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