Monday, February 18, 2019


When I walked Tasha last evening, I only needed a fleece and a baseball cap. No coat, scarf, or gloves. It felt like spring. Indeed, our outdoor thermometer read 16ºC (just over 60ºF), and that's in a cool location. The temperature on the deck got up to 20ºC (68ºF). It certainly felt like 20º out in the sun.

A frosty leaf in the vineyard road.

The sunny week we've been enjoying has been good for the plants and good for us. Lots of bright light for a change. Winter could still come back with cold and snow but, if it does, we know it won't last very long.


  1. But absolutely nothing to do with climate change. I hasten to add, not directed at you personally.

  2. It has remained a mild winter here. I wonder if anything is left to surprise us but we'll be gone for the tail end of February.

  3. Remember this when the temperature gets too hot.
    Daffodils sprouting here in NC and some are flowering already.

  4. It has been a long cloudy cold february here; we are not used to this. People are getting "SAD" including me.

  5. andrew, no kidding!

    mitch, have a great trip!

    emm, sounds nice!

    michael, I hope PS warms up for your trip!


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