Thursday, February 07, 2019

Vineyard sunrise

A few nights ago the sky was relatively clear and the temperature went down to freezing. We woke to frosty grass and icy puddles. The sunrise was pretty, although I didn't get outside until after the sun was officially up. But even so, I can make mini sunrises happen if I walk down a hill and come back up toward the sun.

A mini sunrise over the frosty vineyard.

Now the weather has turned again and it's warm in the morning. As I type this at nearly 07h00, our outdoor thermometer reads about 10ºC (50ºF). During the night I heard Bert come into the house. He made that special meow that means he's caught a field mouse. I got up, went downstairs and turned on the light. Sure enough, there he sat with his prize on the rug (at least it was dead). I grabbed a paper towel from the kitchen, picked up the little corpse by the tail and put it and the cat out on the deck. Then I went down and closed the utility room door so he couldn't get back in. Bert eats his prey, except for one certain internal organ. I'm sure I'll find it on the deck this morning. Lovely. Moral of the story: keep the cat outdoors when the over night temperature is not freezing.


  1. Breathtaking! What a view. What a sunrise. What a photo!

  2. You are lucky Bert did the mouse in. When we moved into this house I left the bottom door barely open so the cats could go in and out since I was SURE they couldn't climb the post to get to the small deck off the dining room. I kept seeing bits of their kibbles outside their dish but it wasn't until a few weeks later that my husband woke up to a noise and there was a mouse on top of the bed at his feet! We finally trapped it under the piano and disposed of it - much to the annoyance of THE HUNTER that wanted to just play with it inside the house. The door was kept closed after that. And they COULD climb the post after all.

  3. our cat door just goes to the screen porch & not into the house so the cats can escape danger but can't surprise us with live prey.

  4. Our cats all had that special cry, too. The worse thing that ever happened to me was finding a dead chipmunk under my pillow! Our poodle did it. We no longer have pet doors.


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