Sunday, February 17, 2019

Say goodbye to Hollywood

At least, goodbye to this pack of Hollywood chewing gum. Somebody tossed this empty pack alongside one of the roads in our neighborhood, probably from a car. If you've been to France you probably know that Hollywood is a common brand of gum here. I remember it from back in 1981. Yikes! According to the company's Facebook page, the brand was created in 1952.

A frosty, yet empty, pack of strong mint-flavored chewing gum.

Our neighborhood is active this weekend. The woman who owns the house next to ours is down from Paris with her partner. They had the electricity people in on Saturday to install their new meter. I saw Mr. Man (as I call him) out working in the yard. The house next to theirs belongs to the daughter of our late neighbor. She and her family came down with a trailer and a couple of vans to continue emptying the house before they sell it. They had another bonfire yesterday, burning more big pieces of furniture. The people next to them are digging out a portion of their front yard. I think they're making a space to park their second car so they don't have to jockey two cars in and out of their driveway. Oh, and I took a couple of bins of stuff to the recycling center. Woo-hoo!


  1. I just love the frost around the pack of chewing gum. If it weren't a perfect example of litter, you could send it to the company for use as a commercial -- "So powerfully fresh -- even when empty!"
    Since you mention going to the recycling center and the neighbors burning large amounts of trash, I'm pretty sure the bonfires like that are illegal, now. The neighbors probably figure they have too much to bother taking carload after carload to the recycling center. It's a shame, really.

  2. May I suggest lac Désolation?

  3. Just way too much excitement! It's that Hollywood life.

  4. ellen, the periodic newsletter from our Mairie always includes the quote from the law that prohibits individuals from burning déchets ménagers as well as déchets verts/végétaux. People still do it all the time, though, mostly yard waste. This is the first time I've seen furniture being burned.

    chm, I did say it was a bad translation... lol

    mitch, all glamour and glitz! ;)


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