Monday, February 25, 2019

Water hole

At various places around the vineyards out back there are these depressions in the ground. They're obviously man-made and much of the year they're empty pits. But after some good rain, they fill up and hold water for a while. Some drain quickly and others stay filled a lot longer. I'm not at all sure why they're there. Perhaps it's a way to allow water to seep back into the water table for the grape vines. A lot of the rain we get drains away to the river before it can penetrate the dense clay vineyard soil. Maybe it's for the wildlife. I don't know.

One of the water holes along the paths that we walk.

I finally got outside yesterday afternoon to pick up winter's fallen branches and sticks. I filled the wheelbarrow up twice and now have a good pile of kindling for the rest of the season's fires. If any. Tasha helped me a lot by grabbing sticks as I reached for them and running away. It was obviously a game for her. She enjoys being outside and playing in the nice weather. Come to think of it, so do I.


  1. Tasha's help must have been invaluable, not, but what fun.

  2. Tasha knows that Spring is coming.

  3. andrew, a dog's gotta play... :)

    judy, she loves running with sticks.

    evelyn, that's for sure!


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