Monday, February 24, 2020


As they do every winter, the artichokes are sending up fresh new leaves. They may wilt or even die back in a freeze, but they'll regrow if that happens.

Blue-green artichoke leaves.

It's time to start thinking about the yard and garden again. I've got some winter pruning to do now. Roses, hydrangea, and a lilac need to be cut back. The plot of daisies, my rosemary patch, and the bed of Jerusalem artichokes need to be cut and cleared of last year's growth. A few mild, dry days will be welcomed.


  1. Nice photo and lovely color.

  2. Just had the most delicious organic pizza with artichoke hearts. My favorite part of gardening is pruning and trimming.

  3. Who was it I wonder who looked at these bizarre plants and thought maybe these would be good to eat?

  4. chm, thanks!

    mitch, oh, yum!

    michael, could it be the same person who first ate an oyster?


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