Thursday, February 27, 2020


It's that time of year when the naturalized primevères (primroses) in our yard bloom. I don't think they're as numerous this year as other years, but it could be that they're a little early and there will be more in the coming weeks. It could also be that, because they grow near the big spruce tree we had cut down a couple of weeks ago, many got trampled.

Primroses sending up flowers, a sure sign of spring.

These white ones seem to be to most common color so far. There are also purple, red, yellow, and blue versions around the yard. It's nice to see the signs of spring, even if our winter has been mild. Today we will be enjoying (!) another rain system with wind.


  1. Primroses remind me of San Francisco. We never had them anywhere else. Our builder planted a bed of them outside our front door. They did well there, too.

  2. You are lucky to have several naturalized flower areas on your property: primroses, cyclamen, daffodils and probably others.

  3. mitch, I think I remember seeing those.

    bettyann, it's something to look forward to every spring!


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