Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Pizza (again!)

We had some leftover smoked chicken last weekend and one of my favorite pizzas is made with smoked chicken and bell peppers, so I made a couple for lunch on Monday. The pizza is inspired by one we used to get at Wolfgang Puck's wood-fired pizza place in Macy's Cellar at Union Square in San Francisco back in the '90s.

One of two pizzas we made and enjoyed for lunch on Monday.

I cubed the smoked chicken and used some frozen bell peppers to make this version. I also had some smoked Vermont cheddar that I brought back from my trip to New York a couple of weeks ago, so I grated that up for the pizza. A few black olives finished it off. And it was really tasty, if I do say so myself.

By the way, the bottle with the "Gallo" label is not wine, but olive oil from Portugal. I've never seen E & J Gallo wine in France.


  1. And once again I’m craving pizza... good pizza... Gourmet pizza.

  2. Delicious looking pizza! And that’s a super duper looking pizza cutter next to it. Is it called a pizza cutter or does it have an official name?

  3. Merci, BettyAnn, for drawing my attention to that pizza cutter! I am addicted to unusual and useful (?) kitchen tools!

    Walt - pizza is welcome here anyday, and homemade pizza with garden vegies is the best! I personally love to make a BBQ pizza similar to California Pizza Kitchen pizza!!!

  4. Oh dear, I think the dinner menu just got changed. Funny how a picture will do that.

  5. mitch, you must have an ample supply where you live?

    jan, :)

    bettyann, it's called The Ultimate Pizza Rocker Knife, by LamsonSharp. It was a gift many years ago, so I don't remember where it came from.

    mary, that sounds good. I haven't been to CPK in many moons!

    emm, I know what you mean!

    1. We’ve got one place that’s our favorite, Restaurante Primavera. Pizza like that and Magín yours to be. All fresh ingredients. Unusual combinations that actually work. The best crusts. Usually I just see the crust as something to hold together the good stuff. But their dough is a meal all its own.


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