Saturday, February 01, 2020

Funky feline fotos

It's a fact that cats are frileux (sensitive to cold) and Bert is no exception. He takes any and all opportunities to get warm, be it curling up in a fleece blanket, sitting on radiators, or lounging in front of the fire. When he can't climb up into the fireplace (which he does) because there's a log in the way, he makes a bed out of the log carrier on the floor.

Wood stoves are a dirty proposition. I'm constantly cleaning up the ashes that fall onto the hearth and the floor below it, not to mention the fine layer of soot that builds up over the fire season. We've had this wood burner for fourteen seasons now.

We're having a few days of warm weather, so I won't be having fires any time soon. But I'm sure it will get cold again before Spring arrives, so Bert will have more opportunities to enjoy his kitty sauna.


  1. Our dog, Harvey, is almost exactly the same. He lives by the heating vents and fireplace when it’s lit when he can’t be snuggled into a blanket on our laps or in bed. He often has to go outside 2-3 times in a row during the winter because he can’t stand being out in the cold long enough to finish all his bathroom business. Even in the summer, he enjoys laying in the sun.

  2. And their fur gets so hot when to the touch so quickly.

  3. Like Bertie, I am very frileux; I must have been a cat in a previous incarnation!

  4. chm, through reading this blog I know how much you hate the cold. In your next life I hope you will be an adored cat in a warm place.
    Walt, I always enjoy pictures of Bertie, thank you.

  5. So glad Bert is living the good life!

  6. sean, Bert sunbathes, too. So does Tasha, but Bert does it more.

    mitch, especially when their fur is black!

    chm, you must have!

    bettyann, there haven't been many, lately.

    evelyn, he's brought two mice home in the last 24 hours. And devoured them.


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