Friday, February 28, 2020

The garden's a mess

It always is this time of year. Winter rains and winds do a number on the yard and vegetable garden. The ground is littered with sticks and twigs, the weeds are thriving, and there is still some trimming to do. I've also got a small collection of junk that needs to go to the dump.

You can see the stump of the tall spruce that was just cut down to the right of center in this photo.

But I'm looking forward to spring. With four trees now gone, we're going to have a lot more sunlight in places that were formerly shady. It doesn't take long to pick up all the sticks, and trimming down the oregano patch just takes a few minutes. I have a small burn pile in the vegetable plot, but it's been so wet that it will take a streak of dry weather to get it to burn. It will all get done.


  1. And, you'll enjoy being outside doing it :)

  2. When I saw the title, I thought, yep, it always is this time of year... and then I read further.

  3. Isn't that kind of burning against the law in France as it is in the US?

  4. judy, I sure hope so!

    mitch, yep.

    chm, yes, I think so. But nearly everyone does it anyway.


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