Sunday, February 16, 2020

Oh brother(s)

I hadn't slept since getting up on Friday morning for my flights, about thirty hours when you count the time difference. But I was mighty hungry. I brewed a cup of coffee in the hotel room; it was equipped with one of those Keurig one-cup coffee machines. I texted my brothers and they were up and ready to eat, too, so we went to a nearby breakfast place. I had a bacon and avocado omelette and a toasted English muffin. Breakfast in America.

My sister's husband used my camera to take this photo. Standing left to right: Steve, Geoff, Adam, Matt, Scott, and a seriously jet-lagged me. Seated: Stepmom and sister Laurie. I'm the oldest and, evidently, the smallest.

After breakfast, I drove back down to Albany to get set up in my aunt's apartment (I stayed there with my aunt during my last trip, so I was familiar with the place), then I drove back up the Northway to the nursing home where my stepmother lives. The siblings were gathering there to spend some time with her; she is the older sister of the aunt that passed away. There are eight of us and we were only missing one: a sister who was unable to be there. We spent a few hours reminiscing, then seven of us went out to a steakhouse for dinner. It was snowing lightly when I drove back down to the apartment, but not enough to make driving difficult. I slept well that night. Catch-up sleep.


  1. That's the thing about family and funerals -- they are wonderful reunions. You and your brothers all have beards - and mostly the same beard shape! Now you are getting over the eastbound jetlag, which I always find more difficult than the westbound.

  2. I was afraid it was your stepmom who had passed away and didn't dare asking. Such a big family!

  3. You appear to be the thinnest of the family. All that French food.

    1. That's just what I was thinking!
      Great photo, it's interesting to see who's who in your family.

  4. I'm sorry for your loss and glad you had a safe trip. Your family looks like they were probably fun to grow up with . I don't want to make anyone mad but you don't look like the oldest.

  5. What a nice photo. Lewis and I both noticed that you and your brothers all have chin hair. You also have similar smiles for the photo. The wallpaper makes for a pretty good back drop.

  6. Ah! So many siblings to get to have! Great photo :)

  7. Catching up. Condolences on the passing of your aunt. As others have said, you may be the oldest but you look the healthiest. I guess we should all walk in vineyards every day!

  8. Wow. What a family resemblance, although you of course got all the looks! I had no idea you were from a family of 7 with only one sister. I can’t imagine!

  9. My there is a family resemblance indeed.

  10. ellen, I was there just long enough to begin adjusting. Now I've got to re-adjust!

    chm, I am preparing myself for that day, too. My stepmother is the oldest of her siblings.

    travel, I think the American diet is bad these days. Too much processed food. It's everywhere.

    jean, it's a big group (in many ways), and we were missing one!

    joanna, thanks!

    evelyn, I noticed the goatees as well, but only when I saw the photo!

    judy, Eight is enough! We used to be like the Brady Bunch until the twins came along.

    bettyann, thank you. Yes, walking every day makes a difference, I think.

    mitch, eight! One of my two sisters is missing. It was certainly an experience.

    michael, it gets more obvious (to me) as we age, for some reason.

  11. my condolences on your aunt's passing. and a new pix of tasha on the right side! you and geoff and scott look alike.


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