Saturday, February 22, 2020


Here's a close-up of the plum blossoms that I talked about yesterday. This tree makes small red fruit that's best for cooking. It will be interesting to see if we get plums this year should there be a freeze before spring. I've also noticed buds on our fragile fig tree, but that's normal for this time of year.

Plum blossoms.

The fig usually has small leaves by April which have, in recent years, been killed by early spring frosts. The tree leafs out again in late spring, but produces little to no fruit. I'm not expecting miracles this year.


  1. Beautiful blossoms! I think today is Tasha’s birthday, isn’t it? Good girl, good girl! 🎉🎂

  2. Such beautiful trees. Hope the fruits survive the season.

  3. Bettyann, close! It's Sunday.

    mitch, me too.


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