Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Heading for home

Callie knows where home is. If I ask her if she wants to go home, she knows what I'm saying. Sometimes on our walks she decides that she doesn't want to go further out into the vineyard and stops to look at me. I say, come on, this way, but she stands there or turns halfway around. Do you want to go home I ask? She leaps around and starts trotting back toward home.

Almost there! Callie has the house in view.

I know she thinks my walk route is boring. I usually just head out to the end of the dirt road and back with maybe a detour or two around the vines. She much prefers Ken's walks, which are way more adventurous and unpredictable than mine.


  1. That house with the big blank white wall facing the vineyards has always intrigued me. It screams for that wall to be mostly glass to capture the vinyard view. Is it for sale?

  2. A new armoire - lucky you ! You will be the envy of many for that !

  3. Oh, Jean, good looking out! Your comment made me check over in the "newsiness" section. Cool, Walt! I look forward to seeing the new armoire :)


  4. Dogs know a lot of words and are smarter than we give them credit for. Callie is in the mensa club for dogs I think, but poodles are smart too.

    Don't forget to show us the armoire:)

  5. Do you speak French or English to Callie? Of course, I'm sure she's bilingual! ;-)


  6. Sounds like Callie, like Casey, has so mastered the 180 degree turn. They're both so alike...genetically amazing. I also just tell Casey to take me home, and he takes it from there.


  7. vtt, :)

    bill, not yet. The owner died, but her children have inherited the house and we see them there on the odd weekend.

    jean, it's nothing special, but it will give us some much-needed closet space in the entry hall.

    judy & evelyn, pictures are forthcoming.

    ladybird, when she wants to be.

    starman, she knows he's in there somewhere...

    bettyann, both, but mostly english.

    gene, yup. Sounds typical!


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