Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Busy day ahead

We're having visitors for lunch today. And we're lucky that the day is predicted to be sunny and warm with temps in the mid-70s F. But there is much to do. I'm making a tart for dessert and a couple of salads. Ken is handling the main course. If we remember, there may be photos.

A pine cone on the edge of the vineyard.

So, this is a short post. Gotta get busy...


  1. I wish I could be there with you today to meet L. and her family. She often leaves very nice comments on my blog and I would love to meet her in person. Please give her my regards and have a fun time together! Martine
    P.S. What kind of tart will you be making? I bet it'll be delicious (as usual)!

  2. Enjoy your day! BTW I made your fruity tart recipe with almond flour (had to make my own) and peaches for Father's day- it was delish.

  3. I hope you do take photos!

    Evelyn, I made a tarte amandine or two last year, after reading about Walt's beautiful successes (and I, too, of course, had to make my own ground almonds). I did a pear version, and a blueberry version. Walt inspires us!


  4. I had no idea what this was a picture of. Great shot.

  5. Walt

    I hope you have watched a bit Mahut marathon match which has lasted 10 hours so far .Tomorrow is another day :-)

    Since yesterday I have gone from 3 matches to 4 matches as far as the World Cup is concerned

  6. Wow, you are definitely a morning person!


  7. martine, I passed on your greeting! I made a tarte au citron.

    suzanne, thanks! We did!

    evelyn, sounds great!

    judy, I took a few...

    starman, merci!

    beaver, I didn't see any of it (too busy partying in the yard), but I read about it this morning. Wow!

    bettyann, it's that early to bed, early to rise stuff...


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