Friday, June 11, 2010

Periodic Puppy Pics

The rains are winding down and the clouds are parting a bit. We're still expecting showers and the occasional thunderstorm over the weekend. The garden is really enjoying the rain we got, but now it needs to drain a bit and get some sun. I'm hopeful that will happen now.

Callie stops, looks, listens. She's on the lookout for critters.

My cold seems to be getting better. Thursday was the worst day so far. I thought my head would explode. But I slept well enough overnight and this morning I feel better. Less congestion, less headache, less coughing. That's a good thing, if it lasts.

I have the impression that the attic work is winding down. The guys are working on details now and there's not much left for them to do. But all that means is that we need to take over. First up: varnishing the floor and stair. Then we've got to clean up the wood beams a bit. Then it's on to painting.

But I'm too tired to think it about it right now. I'll think about that tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day.


  1. Walt, I see you 'know your classics'! Get well soon.

    Btw, a collaegue of mine has just 'ordered' a border collie! It was born two weeks ago and they can go and get it six weeks from now. It's a little female, black and white that'll answer to the name 'Jessy'. I'm curious to see whether she will be as good and cute as Callie! Martine

  2. This is a beautiful pic of Callie...I could see it hanging on a wall in a library or study in a beautiful frame....

  3. martine, I'm sure she will be!

    sean, oh, good excuse to build a library!

    starman, no, that's MY dog. ;)


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