Sunday, June 06, 2010

The greening of the vineyard

The vineyards around us have put on their summer clothes. Lush new leaves turn the regimented rows into neat seas of green. It's so different from the browns of winter, and a refreshingly welcome change.

Saturday morning, looking southwest away from the house.

Today we're invited for mid-day apéros at a neighbor's house, along with other friends. Then we're coming back to our house for a lunch of roasted pintade (guinea hen) and potatoes. Later, the men's final at Roland Garros (on tv). There's a threat of thunderstorms, but otherwise it should be a nice day.


  1. Beddie-bye time. See you in the morning (here) for the men's finals. Enjoyed the women's finals today. Bonne journee!

  2. Wow!! I can't believe when we were there they were just starting to grow their leaves... Gosh.. I have to get to posting those pics...
    Hope you had fun!!!

  3. It's almost 19h30 in France, so I guess the match is over. I didn't see it, but I know who won.

  4. I would find it lovely to watch vines go through the seasons.

  5. Your pic reminds me the trip to Bordeaux in 1997. Wonderful!

  6. cheryl, the women's match was much better than the men's. I think Soderling was just to tired.

    leesa, time marches on!

    starman, we watched. It was more of demonstration of Nadal's prowess than a real match.

    michael, it is.

    mark, a terrific day, indeed!

    vtt, thanks!


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