Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I see bugs on daisies, too

The other day, Ken posted pictures of a crab spider he saw on some daisies out in the vineyard. Well, yesterday morning I was out with the dog and I was looking at the patches of daisies to see if I could see a crab spider. I didn't, but I did see this pretty beetle.

A black and yellow beetle hanging out on a daisy.

It was a cool morning, around 60ºF, and the beetle was not moving at all. He let me get the camera real close for the photo.

They guys working in the attic said they should be done this week. We're not sure what they mean by "done." It may just mean finished laying the floor and installing the closet doors. There's still a wall to be dry-walled and some finish work to do around the stair opening, not to mention installing the baseboards.

But, guess what? I talked to the guys and they said not only are they going to do the drywall, but they plan to install the baseboards, too. And when I mentioned the finish work around the stairwell, they said, "OK." Wow.


  1. Great news on finishing up the job! And, does that include the sanding of the drywall mudding/taping? I hate that part. Yuck.


  2. Since the week is half over, you should be getting excited.

  3. And what an exciting French Open. Between the stopages, there has been some good tennis with exciting results.

  4. judy, no sanding. We have to do that. Double yuck.

    starman, very!

    dan, it has been a very interesting tournament!

    michael, yup!

  5. How did I miss this? I'm pretty sure it's a flower chafer- a kind of scarab beetle. Unfortunately, my knowledge of the European fauna is pretty limited.


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