Friday, June 25, 2010

Among the radishes

Our radis (radishes) are doing very well. Too well, almost. We have to eat more before they get too big. Our favorite way to eat them is raw with salt, bread, and sweet butter. It's a great starter before lunch. But we've also cooked them various ways and that's good, too. In France, the most common radish is the long red and white radis rose.

Radishes in the ground, ready to pick.

We also eat the leaves. They're good made into a pesto, just like with basil. Radish leaf pesto is great in the spring and early summer when it's too soon for the basil to be ready. The leaves are also good as a salad, dressed with vinaigrette.

A single harvested radish before trimming.

Just last week I planted a third row of seeds and they've sprouted. And when the current rows are all harvested, I'll plant some more. We'll be eating garden fresh radishes all summer long.


  1. Brandy tasting? Were they good?

  2. France is where I learned about eating radishes with butter :))


  3. Two things are coming to mind:

    1. Grilled radishes with a balsamic, brown sugar, and chili flakes glaze.

    2. In a fresh green salad with crispy lettuce, apples, peas, and radishes.

  4. You deserve a compliment for the sunset photo on Ken's blog today. Of all your great photos, this is my all-time favorite--so far.

  5. Can't remember the last time I had a radish....of any kind.

  6. vtt, I agree.

    nadege, they were all good, some better than others.

    judy, it's a great early summer treat!

    arnie, those both sound terrific.

    carolyn, thanks!

    starman, do you like them? They're very good with butter and bread!


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