Monday, June 14, 2010


In recent years we've been putting impatiens in window boxes on the north side of the house. It gives us a little color outside the living room window and impatiens like shady places. I've had bright red, purple, white, and even orange flowers out there.

There are three window boxes like this out the north window.

But this year I saw these two-toned pink ones at the nursery and knew they'd look great. So I got a flat for the window boxes. I'm pretty happy with them.

A close-up.


  1. As well you should be... they're lovely!


  2. I planted mostly impatiens in my planters on my deck this year- they grow so fast and look great despite the fact that they wilt every afternoon when the sun hits them. It's over 90 here today, poor babies!

    I like the color you picked. Mine are all different colors.


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