Monday, June 21, 2010

Periodic Puppy Pics

Last week we had lunch over near Valençay with new friends we met through the blogs. They had rented a gîte (vacation house) there and asked us to come for lunch. We had a great time and ended up staying for a late supper, too. Their twin daughters enjoyed playing with Callie all through the day. Callie had a great time with her new friends.

Hannah and Rachael and Callie. And the ball.

Callie found an old deflated toy soccer ball somewhere around the property. I showed the girls how the dog liked to fetch and they threw the flattened ball like a frisbee all around the yard. Callie, of course, would fetch it and take it back to them for more.

Callie works on destroying what's left of the ball.

In between sessions, they all sat down on the lawn and rested, picked little flowers in the grass, and told secrets. I wonder what Callie told them?


  1. C: Psst... Hannah, there's something strange going on upstairs in my house.
    H: Chill, Callie, you are totally going to love it.
    C: Psst... Rachael, there's this black cat dude who's cramping my style.
    R: You just gotta let him know who rules the house.

  2. Cheryl, haaaaa haaaa haaaaaaaa :))

    Walt, great photos :)


  3. Awwww... Sooo cute!! Glad you got to meet some new blogger friends! Take care, Leese

  4. Walt, thanks for the cute photos of all three girls.

    Cheryl, SO funny!!!!


  5. cheryl, now I know who's been making those late night phone calls...

    judy, thanks!

    leesa, it's always fun!

    bettyann, not difficult pictures to take when everybody is so cute!


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