Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Spoon rest fail

"I didn't want to get them dirty." - someone who lives in this house and isn't me.

Two clean spoon rests and one dirty spoon.


  1. Do I see CHERRY on that spoon?! Well, at least you put a paper towel down... Hahaha!

  2. Leesa, that's not a paper towel. It's a glass trivet. I figured it was easier to wipe off the glass than to wash a spoon rest, especially since the cherry compote has no grease in it.

  3. Didn't even lick the spoon before setting it down? Sin!

  4. I'm with Ken. Spoon rests are a pain and it is much easier to have a smooth trivet to wipe.

  5. Funny post! At least Ken cleans up after himself, not all guys do that- especially docs who had nurses to do such.

    Colds take some of the fun out of life, hope you start to feel better soon, Walt.

  6. Was it Bertie? :))

    (You made me laugh out loud with this one :))


  7. I could take the same picture here!

    I agree with Cubby. What's up with not licking the spoon?

  8. Nothing like that ever happens around here. :-)

  9. The ones that get the blame in our house are those two poor souls named: "I don't know" and his best friend, "Not me"!!!

    It's always a mystery, funny how that is...!?

    Your post made me laugh.

  10. Our spoon rests have the spoon rest 'up'.

  11. leesa, yes, that's cherry!

    cubby, but then it wouldn't have been an impeccably clean spoon...

    susan, as long as I don't have to wipe it.

    evelyn, thanks!

    judy, no animals were harmed in the production of this post.

    tom, I think it got licked eventually.

    chris, certainly not!

    starman, :)

    suzanne, they live here, too.

    michael, I don't understand...


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