Saturday, June 05, 2010

The summer living room

This year we're trying something new out back. Rather than use our old umbrella, which is totally inadequate for producing shade for more than one person, we picked up a tarp "thing" when it was on sale a month or so ago to set up in the back yard.

That's still the old, smaller table for now.

It's three meters square and will accommodate the longer table that we got last year. Since we got rid of the tree stump behind the well, I've re-seeded the ground there. Once the grass grows in we'll move the tarp to that spot for the rest of the summer. We're looking forward to testing it out today when Jean and Nick drop by for a late morning coffee.

You can see our cold frames in the foreground. They're quite mobile and dismantle for storage. I'll get most of the plants into the garden this weekend and we'll use one of the cold frames for basil. It's amazing how warm they get inside.


  1. "It's amazing how warm they get inside." Do you think that's why they're called cold frames?

    The tarp looks great, but will the new grass grow well in its shade?

  2. nice that uv color coded the cold frames and the tent.....

  3. Honestly, your yard just looks SO inviting! You've done a great job. I love the tent. I hope you and Jean and Nick enjoyed your visit :)


  4. Those "easy-up" are great. Your garden looks beautiful.

  5. This is so lovely. (It's also the garden of a couple who doesn't work...)

  6. I like the new outdoor dining/resting area.

  7. Our neighbor has one, and they use it all the time. It is most pleasant. the only disadvantage: mosquitoes!

  8. The tarp--I think of it as a pavilion--looks very nice.

    As do your cold frames. Did you build those, or were they store-bought?

  9. chm, the new grass isn't under the tarp yet.

    melinda, cool how I did that, eh?

    judy, we had a great time (too short) with Jean & Nick. Ken made southern biscuits that we had with butter and home-made jam and coffee. All under the new tarp.

    tornwordo, like totally.

    nadege, merci.

    betty, but the garden IS work.

    starman, we hope we get to use it a lot.

    michael, mosquitoes are not so much of a problem here.

    emm, we bought the cold frames from E. Leclerc.

  10. Oh OOOOOHHHHH!!!! SOOOOO JEALOUS!!!!!! It's a beautiful outdoor living room-- il faut en profiter!! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!

  11. We were most impressed by the new gazebo. And what a lovely day to try it out. Thanks again for your hospitality and the wonderful biscuits - now I understand what they are !


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