Thursday, June 17, 2010

Daisies and barbed wire

There's a meadow of sorts out next to one of the vineyards behind our house. When we first moved here, there was a donkey penned in out there and he kept the grass very neatly trimmed. But in recent years the donkey is gone and the field has grown up with tall grass and wildflowers.

Daisies growing up along the barbed-wire fence that encloses the meadow.

We still hear the donkey braying over near the field, but he must be kept closer to the owners' house these days rather than in the meadow.


  1. Love this one!

    Arkansas had flooding and deaths from a storm which may have been similar to the one in the Var.

  2. Oh, heavens, I saw a report on those floods in the Var. So sad. Flooding is just such a scary thing.

    Evelyn, are you referring to that horrific flooding episode at a campground, that killed several children and their fathers?


  3. So the farmer has moved his ass?

  4. vtt, thanks!

    evelyn, we heard about that on the news here, too.

    judy, it's been the top story for a couple of days.

    starman, I suppose you could say that... ;)

  5. What could be more erotic than the juxtaposition of beauty & pain?

  6. stephen, a glass of champagne to go with it?


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