Saturday, June 26, 2010

You can't squash progress

Remember the zucchini sprouts I posted a few weeks ago (here's a link)? Our snap of cold weather slowed them down a bit, but now we're having wonderful summer heat and they're growing like gangbusters. It won't be long before the first blossoms appear.

Zucchini, some nasturtiums, and a bunch of weeds.

I just googled "gangbusters" and learned where that phrase came from. "Gang Busters" was an American radio show from the mid 1930s through the mid 1950s. The show opened with a cacophony of sounds including sirens, police whistles, and gun fire. That noisy opening spawned the phrase "to come on like Gang Busters." I've used that phrase all my life without ever knowing its origin.

The internet is an amazing place.


  1. How long will they bear fruits? They look like winter melons :)

  2. Hey! Thanks for the "gang busters" info! I had no idea.

    Congrats on having the first night upstairs :) Sorry it wasn't respected by the 3-doors-down neighbors. If only they had realized what a big night it was!


  3. The mayor may have been out of town or at the party;) Hopefully tonight will be better.

  4. You should have crashed their party.

  5. Do you think these fireworks had anything to do with the "Feux de la saint Jean," usually on the 25th of June?

  6. I knew that because I used to listen to that show (among others).

  7. The internet is an amzing place, & made more so by your beautiful photography & thoughtful blog. I am always madee better by my visits to WCS.

    Happy Summer!

  8. Wow...THOSE were the little tiny sprouts you posted a while back? Can't believ how fast they grow.

  9. vtt, they should produce from July through September, depending on the weather.

    judy, we survived. The second night was much better.

    evelyn, as it turns out, the mayor was out of town!

    nadege, didn't sound like my kind of party. Too rowdy.

    chm, you never know, but I doubt it. :)

    starman, it was off the air before I was born...

    stephen, so kind! Thanks.

    diogenes, yup! Amazing, eh? It was June 1 when I took the photo of the sprouts.


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