Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Kitchen Collection [20]

Hey ! This is the twentieth week for Kitchen Collection - a veritable milestone. Sort of.

So here is the tajine that we got in Paris a little over a week ago. I know, Ken's already posted pictures of it in use on his blog, but I had this photo lined up for today and I don't have another one ready yet, so I'm stuck with it.

The chicken/artichoke/peas tajine that he made was delicious. In fact, we ate the leftovers yesterday. I think he's planning a lamb and prunes dish next ; I can't wait.

We still need to find one of those little wire things that you put on the stove burner to lift the pot off the surface. That will let us cook properly (on top of the stove) in the tajine. In the oven, the lid gets too hot and the steam doesn't condense and fall back down on the food as it's supposed to. We used to have one of those wire things in San Francisco, but we can't find it since the move.

I'll try for a more original KC entry next week.


  1. One day I'll have to go through your whole kitchen collection! I wish I had a bigger kitchen, I would collect a lot more things!

  2. I love those tagine cookers - they're so pretty. I wouldn't even know how to start using one, but may buy one as well just to look impressive. they're little works of art!

  3. Betty, our kitchen isn't big enough to hold our stuff - we have two cabinets and a pantry on the rdc (the kitchen's on the first floor) to hold the overflow.

    Amy, I agree. Some of the tajines I've seen are really painted up fancy. We opted for a plainer one.


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