Friday, May 11, 2007

Puppy Pic Of The Week

One of Callie's many chew toys is what I call the "squeaky rope." On one end it's a rope, on the other it's a plush toy that has a little squeaker inside. If she bites down on the right spot, it squeaks. She's begun the process of tearing it to shreds ; it won't last long.

We play tug-o-war with it a lot. And sometimes she even plays with it by herself. A day or so ago she actually got the squeaker out (and a good portion of the stuffing). Now the no-longer-squeaky rope has lost some of its appeal.

Recently we found a new toy : the cork. It's bite-sized and it rolls around when you bat it with your paw. Heaven. Not as good as sleeves or socks or the corners of a carpet or even table legs, but it will do in a pinch.

And, it's official. Callie's been home with us now for a full week. Only a week ?


  1. I thought you were going to tell us that you were teaching Callie to read!

    You won't let her chew the whole house, including the brand new kitchen window, will you? ;)

  2. I assume Callie will read in both French and English....

    The video on Ken's site is great. Callie learned to fetch really early. You may have a prodigy on your hands.

  3. claude, she'd probably be bored with the cookbooks...

    evelyn, callie's losing what little french she had. She does learn really fast, but not everything...

  4. I'm sure she'll be reading soon, don't worry.

  5. I'm waiting for the day she paints, myself.

  6. Une semaine déjà, ouah, ça se fête, les Gars !!! Alors, avez-vous ouvert le champagne :-) ??? Bon weekend ! Marie

  7. betty, once she accomplishes that, she can take over the blog !

    cheryl, are you talking art or walls ? It'd be great if she could paint the kitchen...

    marie, une bonne bouteille de sauvignon de touraine nous a suffit. lol !


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