Monday, May 07, 2007


The walled city of St.-Malo.

We left the Mont-St.-Michel and Normandy behind us and headed west to Saint-Malo. Named for Malo, who came from Wales in the 6th century and is credited with bringing Christianity to the place, Saint-Malo is a fortified city that now includes the cities of St.-Servan, Paramé, and Rothéneuf in its agglomeration. Over 50,000 Malouins call the place home.

One of the beaches just outside the walls.

The city declared itself an independent republic in the 16th century and lasted as such for about four years. The famous sea pirates and privateers, the Corsaires, also called St.-Malo home. One of the more famous sons of St.-Malo is Jacques Cartier, the famous New World explorer.

Two forts guard the city, the Fort National and the Fort de la Cité. Which one is this ? I haven't got a clue.

In 1944, the Germans held St.-Malo and the Allies attacked without mercy. The whole place was reduced to rubble. The walled city has since been rebuilt exactly (they say) as it was before it was destroyed. The reconstruction is considered to be a great success and St.-Malo is a big destination for tourists, summer vacationers, and recreational sailors.

The other fort.

Ken and I spent the night in a small hotel inside the walled town and had dinner in a little seafood restaurant that I think was called La Corvette. We spent some time walking along the ramparts and down on the beach.

Ken walking on the ramparts - you can go all the way around the city on the wall.

We left St.-Malo the next morning and headed west through Dinard and then on the Cap Fréhel. Photos of those places coming in the next installment.

Cannon guard the mouth of the Rance river. I hope that sailboat is friendly.


  1. Hey! Where is the puppy? Just joking. I love the pictures of Mont St. Michel that you have been posting. Such an calm setting. I have seen it from the distance, but never actually gone across the causeway.

  2. mp, thanks. You should definitely go if you get the chance, but beware of the crowds. I really recommend going in winter, but you need the wherewithal for that.

    And the puppy is napping quietly in front of the fireplace (it's a cold rainy morning).


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