Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Word Of The Week


This one is topical, given that we have a new puppy in the house. The word comes from the latin camella, meaning "cup." It's used to describe a bowl, usually fitted with a cover, that soldiers or campers use to hold the food they eat. The contents of the bowl can also be referred to as la gamelle.

Gamelle is also a familiar term for a dog's dish. Callie has inherited les gamelles (above) that Collette left behind.


  1. I wonder if Harriett will notice that Callie's dishes are sitting on one of her mother's place mats...

  2. That is kind of cool. Our first dog, Windsor, had the SAME bowl. The only difference, was that the single brown stipe above the blue was not there. Of course, we were on a road trip and drove off with the water bowl still sitting on the ground at a rest stop, a couple of years ago. So, now we have a different set.

  3. Ah, but gamelle has quite another meaning. Workers who take their food to work, cooked food, mind you, not sandwiches, take their gamelle... It's both the container and the food that's inside. It might be out of fashion nowadays, because of the 'cantines d'entreprises' but I still know people who prepare their husband's gamelle.


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