Friday, May 18, 2007

Puppy Pic Of The Week

It's a dog's life, or, I love nap time. Sorry about the photo quality but there wasn't much light.


  1. Comments aren't enabled on your "pointe du raz" post, so I'm commenting here instead!

    I always thought the Pointe du Raz was the most western point of Europe as well. A French person once told me that it just looks like that one by Brest is because of maps (ie. for the same reason Greenland is always out of place, with a map being flat and all)....

  2. Samantha,

    Sorry about the comments thing - I just fixed it. Yeah, those maps can be tricky...

  3. Qu'est-ce qu'elle est mignonne quand... elle dort, lol ! Bon, elle est toujours jolie en fait, mais je veux ménager son ego des fois qu'elle lise ton blog un de ces jours :-) Bises. Marie


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