Thursday, May 31, 2007

La Baule

La Baule is a late 19th century creation very near the mouth of the Loire River, a town that didn't exist until city folk (read Parisians) began flocking to the coast in summer for sea, sex, and sun (a song by Serge Gainsbourg). And of course, that newfangled invention, the train, made it possible for working people to go farther from Paris and in greater numbers than ever before.

La plage à La Baule. We weren't the only nuts on the beach in January.

We passed through La Baule in January. The dramatic curve of the city's south-facing beach and its wall of white condos and hotels was as impressive as it was lifeless. I'm certain that it's a very different story in July and August.

A closer look at the white wall of buildings that hugs the beach.

There are about 16,000 year-round Baulois - a population that most definitely swells in summer. We stopped for a quick, and cold, walk on the beach before driving on to our next destination.

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