Saturday, May 26, 2007


Les alignements de Kerlescan, or Kermario, or Ménec. I don't remember precisely which site this is.

This entry is mis-named because it's not about the town of Carnac itself. Outside of the town are several sites filled with stone alignments, megaliths, and other relics of prehistory. Many are dated to 5000-2000 years before the common era.

Prehistoric stone alignments in a field near a more recent structure.

There's really not much for the untrained eye (like mine) to see, but it's interesting nonetheless. We really just did a drive-by, stopping for some photos like the ones posted here, but that's about it. It was just before lunch and we were getting hungry. Food trumps history once again.

More lined-up rocks. When you think about what it might have taken to do this, it's quite impressive.


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