Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Kitchen Collection [21]

You may hardly ever notice these indispensable items in the kitchen drawer. In our house they get a workout. The slotted spoon helps out in all kinds of situations. Soup and sauce making come to mind immediately, but I know there are other uses, like getting hard-boiled eggs out of hot water. You often never think of using a slotted spoon until you need it, then it's obvious why you have one. Or six.

Sometimes the slotted spoon comes as part of a set of flatware. Other times it's with a set of larger cooking utensils. It always seems thrown in, an extra that you wouldn't otherwise buy. But then you find you use it. Not just the one, but the others that you've accumulated over the years.

The slots, holes, perforations, they come in various patterns, the spoons in different sizes, all useful. Then one day you see one all by itself and you know you have to have it. It has become a specialty tool.

You never even noticed them before, did you ? Now you will.


  1. you have quite a slotted spoon collection. True, i never do look at them but they are nice objects.

  2. Another expression I didn't know. In French they are écumoires !

  3. Ecumoires... not a word I am familiar with. Thanks, Claude!

  4. reb, that's not even all of 'em.

    claude, I didn't know they were called écumoires !

    cheryl, ditto !


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