Friday, May 04, 2007

Callie's First Day

Callie relaxing in her new back yard with a squeaky ball in the first hours after getting home.

What an adventure ! Everything went very smoothly. We arrived at the breeder's at 2:30 pm and Callie was in the house waiting for us. We all greeted one another. She had no qualms about coming right up to us and letting us pet her. Very friendly and not scared at all.

We signed the papers, got her pedigree papers, medical records, microchip certificate, and a bag of puppy kibble to take home with us. Madame V. told us that Callie hadn't eaten since the previous evening and hadn't had water since the morning. This is normal to avoid the inevitable puppy upset stomach while riding in the car.

Then we were off ! A three hour drive home. She kept trying to climb out of her kennel so I put her on my lap. We were so involved in getting situated inside the car that we missed a turn and got lost (not too lost) and had to drive on little twisty roads for a few kilometers to get back on track.

Then Callie spit up. In my lap. Just a little clear liquid. Fortunately, we had anticipated this and there was a towel in my lap. We decided she should be back in her kennel in the back seat, so we pulled over and put her in. She was ok until she spit up again. Stop car, change towel, start again. The rest of the trip she just slept in the kennel until we got home at 6:30 pm. We sat outside for a couple of hours and let her explore and eat/drink - she was very hungry.

As I type this the sun is going down (9 pm) and she still hasn't peed or pooped. But she's inside chewing on a chew toy and exploring the house. I'll take her out again before it gets too dark.

Ken took a lot more photos than I did, so if you haven't already, check out his blog to see them. And be warned : dog owners are like new parents. There'll be lots of photos.

Morning update : Callie slept through the night with no incident. We got up this morning and all she wanted to do was nurse. An ear, a knuckle, anything was worth a try, but no milk. Talk about frustrating ! We gave her some kibble which she ate up and then she drank a bit, but she was still searching for a warm mommy. No such luck. We went outside twice and on the second try she did her first poop in 24 hours ! She got a lot of praise for that.

Ok... I promise, no more potty stories. ;>)


  1. I cannot wait for the further adventures of Callie. You have every reason to be a proud papa... she is gorgeous and seemingly well behaved, so far!

  2. Welcome to your new home, Callie!

  3. Luvin me the Callie!

  4. That is wonderful! She is a beautiful puppy! She looks like she knows she will have a good life ahead of her.

  5. Nothing like a little bile thrown up un your lap. Congratulations, Walt, she's really cute. Must be nice to have a dog around the house again.

  6. Félicitations aux heureux "parents" ! Votre p'tite Callie est adorable ! Bises. Marie

  7. Callie is beautiful- I can't believe she slept through the night for you. She must be thrilled with her new digs.

    I'm looking forward to meeting her as a teenager...


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