Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kitchen Collection [23]

I think that freshly ground pepper is a must in any household that enjoys food. Pre-ground pepper is okay for some uses, like picnics and camping, due mainly to its convenience. I like to have one pepper mill in the kitchen for cooking and another on the table for adding pepper during the meal.

I can't begin to remember how many pepper mills we've had over the years. Some worked well, others not so well. They were plastic, wooden, and metal, but always with a metal grinder mechanism.

The one pictured here is one we found in a kitchen store in Paris many years ago and its place is on our dining room table. It was our first Peugeot. Our second is sitting in the driveway. Vroom vroom !


  1. Quite agree with you about ground pepper. And I have the same pepper mill

  2. I love the fact that Peugeot makes pepper mills! I just bought a new Peugeot too...not brand-new, of course -- but still a nice vroom-vroom variety.


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