Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cat Biscuits For The Dog

There's a long prologue to this story, but I won't bore you with it. The short version is that our friend Cheryl had brought a gift from the US for someone that she didn't end up seeing, so the gift was re-gifted to us. And we were glad to get it.

Buddy Biscuits come in a nifty drawstring burlap bag!

It was a batch of make-at-home cat biscuits called Buddy Biscuits. Cheryl had brought us a batch of the dog version back in 2003 for Collette, which we made and she loved.

The biscuits are baked on a cookie sheet.

The ingredients for the cat biscuits are as follows: yellow corn meal, whole wheat flour, dehydrated cooked chicken, dehydrated poultry liver, custom blend of natural herbs and spices, dried egg whites, dried brewers yeast, and lecithin. I figured that there's nothing in there a dog wouldn't like. Heck, I'd eat 'em!

Looks good enough to eat!

So I baked them up for Callie on Sunday. I used the dog bone cookie cutter that came with the 2003 batch instead of the little star shaped cutter for the cat version. The dog still has her pride, you know.

She smelled the dough right away and sat at attention next to the counter while I rolled and cut out the biscuit shapes. I did give her a little of the raw dough. I drew the line at letting her lick the bowl.


  1. I can see she'll need a lot of walks to burn it all off!

  2. dogs are fine eating cat food but it's not good for cats to eat dog food according to my vet...i have both and the dogs would often clean up the cat bowls so i asked

  3. Our poodles like canned and dry cat food better than the doggie stuff.

    Love that twitter stuff, Walt. Your dog biscuits look perfect- I'm glad you gave Callie a taste. Lewis loves cookie dough.

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDfOqKJauYQ

  5. But did YOU lick the bowl? :)


  6. autolycus, don't worry, she'll get 'em. ;)

    melinda, we have a friend here who's got the same situation. Her dog prefers cat food!

    evelyn, if Lewis had been here, he could've had first dibs on the bowl!

    pj, that's terrific! Thanks. :)

    bettyann, no, I resisted!

  7. As I said to Claudia in a private mail, it's a good thing I don't live in your area, because I'd probably put on weight just by visiting (not even eating). Even your dog biscuits look like I'd eat them! ;)


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