Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Reach For The Sky

The vines continue to grow, but the wine-maker would rather see the plants' energy put into producing good fruit, so every few weeks he comes by and chops these shoots off.

These tall shoots are now history.

Of course, he does it in his tractor which straddles the row of vines and cuts the sides and tops into nice, neat, squared-off shapes as he drives through. Sort of like this. Here are some gratuitous thistles:

Thistles in the vineyard.


  1. These are some very beautiful photos. It makes me want to live in that particular area of France. Beautiful blog!


  2. Beautiful to see the vines, fully green, so orderly and tall. I looked at thistles for fun. It's a Celtic symbol of nobility of character and birth. I thought it would mean grouchiness! After all it's prickly! It's the national flower of Scotland.

    It also lives in the Chardonnay (Saone et Loire) region. That's why you could take this great photo. Chardonnay grapes took its name from the Latin of thistle.

    Just showing off, wcs. It's easy with Vikipedia!

  3. So that's how they keep the rows of vines so neat and orderly! Thanks.



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