Monday, July 28, 2008

Garden Flowers

Our jardin potager (vegetable garden) is doing very well, despite a late start this year. I'm certain that it's because this summer has been so much nicer than last year. Sun and warmth were totally lacking in summer 2007.

Haricots verts/green beans.

Right now, especially, we're seeing lots of blossoms. There are vegetables, too, but today I'm highlighting the flowers.


Some of the plants grew from seeds, like the haricots verts (green beans), courgettes (zucchini), and capucines (nasturtiums). The capucines actually come up on their own, having re-seeded themselves from years past. I often have to pull a lot of them out since they don't all come up where I would prefer them to.


The origan (oregano) came up from plants that I had grown from seed last fall. They came back much more vigorously this year, and are now flowering beautifully. I'm not sure they'll come up again, so I'll have to research that.


The marguerites (black-eyed susans) are volunteers as well, from seeds given to us by Chris from California, a frequent commenter on our blogs. I still have some seed packets to sow, which I'd better do before they get too old.

Marguerites/black-eye susans.

And finally, the bergamot is actually flowering! These plants came from cuttings I took (swiped) from plants we saw at our gîte on the Ile d'Oléron in May. I didn't think they'd flower this year, but they have. Next year should be awsome!

Bergamot Now I don't know what this is.


  1. Great photos...good that the weather has been kinder this year!!

  2. Oregano is a perennial (vivace), so it is interesting that it seems to multiply by seed for you rather than just form a bush that dies away in the cold and comes back next year. I'll have to look closer at the oregano on the roadsides and wastelands in France to see what it does.
    Are you sure the red flowers are bergamot? Looks more like a (half-hardy, non-culinary) sage to me.

  3. Susan had the same thought I did about the plant you're calling bergamot. Do you want the bergamot for tea?

  4. If there would be a parade of flowers, I would never know which one should win the prize. I'm always in awe of their diversity and the beauty of Ken's photos and yours. Thank you!

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  6. arlene, I appreciate your comment, but I don't accept advertising links. I'll gladly accept the link to your blog, but comments that contain advertising links will be deleted. Thanks for understanding.

  7. Here's a page with some pictures of a plant called Salvia microphylla or Salvia grahamii. It looks like this might be it. I'm not sure who told us this might be Monarda fistulosa or bergamote, which also has red flowers. That was before it flowered for us.

  8. ann, yes, and thanks!

    susan and louise, I think you're right, of course. See Ken's comment above.

    claudia, as usual, you are too kind!

  9. Hey - you are in good company with the scarlet salvia:


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