Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Rainy Day

It rained on Friday, but that didn't dampen our spirits. We had spent a great warm day Thursday cutting grass, trimming, pruning, and otherwise working in the yard. So we were ready. Here's what the rain was like Friday morning:

This is the view of part of the back yard from the bedroom window, looking west. The loud drops you hear are coming off the eaves onto an awning that protects the back door downstairs.


  1. You have a really nice backyard, it must be nice to have guests over on the rare sunny days we have.

  2. Nice video, loved the sound of the raindrops. A rainy day gives you a chance to bake and eat cookies!


  3. I love the rain in the country. It's so much needed. In the city, it's often a nuisance, although just old ladies with canes think that! People with lawns are very grateful like you. The sound makes me want to go and have a nap but that big, repetitive raindrop would keep me awake. Love the video. Truly brings me right to your village. I hope you saw me on the road waiving at you,WCS.

  4. Sorry...It's "waving at you". Well, I learned a new word: to waive = to give up. It's pronounced the same way, isn't it? That's why I made the spelling mistake. I learned English by immersion, not really with books. Although I read a lot of Dickens in those days. Now I read blogs...

  5. letigre, it's a great place to hang out with a glass of wine on a warm day!

    bettyann, or, just eat!

    claudia, I think that rain in the city can be awfully pretty, too. Everything shines and sparkles. I'm thinking of Paris... and don't worry, I knew what you meant. I make that kind of mistake ALL the time in French.


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