Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gésiers De Canard

We found duck gizzards on sale a while back, so we snapped them up. Today Friday we took some out to make a salade de gésiers for lunch.

A whole duck gizzard on the left; sliced on the right.

We added some chicken livers that Ken had preserved in duck fat (confits) and some tomato and potato to round it out.

The completed salad.

The gizzards got sliced up and sautéed with the liver until they browned a bit. Then the salad was served!

Supermarket tomatoes. Ours aren't ripe yet.

What a tasty lunch!


  1. That salad is so SouthWest France (like in Toulouse!). Enjoy!

  2. OOOH, that looks good! I could go for a salad like that right now.

  3. I can't help but wonder how much your life must be different in St Aignan sur Cher than in San Francisco. Ever thought of writing a side by side comparison? I haven't delved into your archives to see if you've already done it already. Its so lovely reading all about your agriculture and viticulture around you.

  4. Your meals are simply beautiful!


  5. Hmmm... gésiers? Are they really good? I think you're just spoofin' us and really you feed the gésiers to Callie, and then gobble down the delicious-looking greens, tomates and pommes de terre :)) (or maybe you feed them to the Hoopoe??)


  6. Walt
    What type of vinaigrette do you use for this type of salade? I find that the mustard one does not go well with this type of salad.

  7. lif, absolutely! Reminds me of good times we spent in the area.

    justin, it's really easy to make, and you can buy the gésiers and livers already confits in shrink-wrapped packages at the supermarché.

    rachael, oh, I haven't done that! I think it would take a long time. I really enjoyed our time in SF, and life here is very different.

    bettyann, and they taste good, too! Thanks.

    judy, oh yes, gésiers are really good. You haven't tried them?

    beaver, we just use our standard vinaigrette, with dijon mustard. It's fine!


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