Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Periodic Puppy Pics

Callie knows when it's time to go for a walk. Like most dogs, she's smart that way. One time, she was so enthusiastic about going that she jumped over the gate that you see in the photo below. Border collies are excellent jumpers.

C'mon, it's time to go!

She only did that once, I think. It was either a case of exuberant puppy-hood (she's a little older now) or she actually learned (from our reaction) that she's not supposed to jump the gate.

Recently she's been getting out of the yard again. She doesn't go far. One day I looked out the kitchen window just in time to see Callie casually wander into our neighbors' yard. I think she's just curious about the people and dogs and cats that she hears walk by on our little road. But I worry about the cars and tractors.

I couldn't figure out how she was getting out because I never saw her do it, and I was pretty certain that she wasn't jumping over the gate. Ken had a theory. A few days ago we found out that his theory was correct.

We were out back and watched as she got down on her belly and shoved herself through a little spot under the fence that the neighborhood cats use to get in and out of the yard at night. It's toward the back, along the road, under the hedge.

I quickly patched the spot so she can't do that any more. Until she finds another spot.


  1. Haha, what a cutie. I am always amazed by how smart animals can be. They will definitely find a way to explore and get what they want. I love that pictures, she is so cute.

  2. Just love the 'All Callie all the time' slideshow. She always has this 'What did I do?' look on her face, but in fact, I think she's very 'espiègle'. Martine

  3. Wafting smell of a tempting pizza coming from twitter...
    Callie saying, in different poses, "I'm as beautiful as I look. Come on, Claudia, I'm waiting, for you."

    I'm not even taking my toothbrush.I'm sure you have a spare one for a cyber impromptu visitor...

  4. J'adore "All Callie all the time"! I get a big chuckle when I see her in that pink shirt of hers.

    I'm glad Callie only jumped the gate once and that you've figured out how she got under the fence.

    You're making me want some pizza tonight.

  5. Thank you for adding All Callie, All The Time, I love it!!


  6. All Callie, all the time. I love it. My favorite is the one in which Ken is holder he face in his hands and she's gazing up adoringly at him.


  7. Love the Callie pix. I think her coat is getting darker as she gets older. Some of the earlier shots of her sleeping are really good. Keep 'em coming!

  8. justin, thanks. She definitely is a cutie!

    martine, claudia, evelyn, judy, bettyann, susan, gabby, The Callie slideshow seems to be a hit! These are the former Puppy Pic of the Week and Periodic Puppy Pics from the last year and a half. I'll be adding to it from time to time.

  9. what's better than a border collie???!!! she leaps tall buildings in a single bound! she escapes like houdini because she's curious!
    give that good dog a cookie for me.


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