Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pignons De Pin

What does one do when one has a package of pine nuts that's about to expire? One makes pine nut cookies, bien sûr!

Pignons, ready to eat!

The cookies are traditionally in the shape of little crescents, but I was lazy and just made them round. They still taste the same.

I've made them before, about a year ago (see recipe here). But this time I used a different recipe, and the cookies looked completely different. This batch called for equal parts almond flour and sugar, whereas the other recipe had them at two to one. Also, this recipe only used egg whites, while the other used whole eggs. Finally, this recipe used a cooler oven, which partly explains why my last batch burned slightly.

Live and learn!


  1. are you the baker and KB the chef? i've so often thought of an essay about that mimi sheraton wrote years ago that i ganked it, entirely, for future reference.

  2. Did you get your new stove?

  3. Oh maaaaaaaaaaaaan Walt... can you package them up and mail a few out my way? :)) Both those and the earlier version have my mouth watering! Were they yummy???


  4. They look deelish! Are there differences in the taste of the cookies made from the two recipes?


  5. If you have any left-over from last year, I would like to eat all the ones that are burned a little. A lot worse happens to my baking...but I keep trying!

  6. Those pignons de pin are some of my favorite cookies. I remember eating them in 1970 when I lived in Aix-en-Provence for six months — they were a specialty down there. And the ones Walt makes never last very long, for some reason. They are so light they just fly right off the plate.

  7. pj, great essay, thanks! And so true. And yes, I'm more the baker and Ken's more the chef.

    louise, not yet. It's supposed to come today (thursday).

    judy, totally yummy! But they didn't last long...

    bettyann, I think the difference was mostly in texture.

    claudia, I ate the burned ones first! I like things that are slightly over-caramelized.


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