Thursday, July 10, 2008

Raindrops On Roses

And other things. We had a couple rain events over the past days. No warm woolen mittens needed. Yet.

Neighbors' roses, kissed by rain.

It's hard not to be weather-obsessed. The weather controls a lot of what we do and how we feel every day. Summer is supposed to be warm, and when it's not warm, we wonder.

Drops on acacia leaves.

But the warm days make up for it all. And the hot days remind us that we really don't like very hot weather. We want it to be perfect. Mid twenties (upper seventies F) are just dandy, thank you.

Backyard daisies.

But the weather is seldom perfect. Oh well.


  1. Would you like some of our "warm?" You can have about 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) of it, plus some smoke. Great photos, as usual.

    I made 14 pints of apricot jam yesterday. Slept well!

  2. This is when a photo is a poem...

  3. Don't be so self "centered"! Paris also needs your giant heat lamp. I'm freezing!!

  4. Chris, I wish I could stop by and get a jar or two of that confiture d'abricots.

    It was hot today, by the way. Too hot for me, especially with a lot of yard work to do.

  5. Actually, Ken, I'd prefer to drop them by in person. :-)

  6. Chris,
    I couldn't agree with you more!

  7. chris, thanks, 10ºF would be great, and some of that jam, too! ;)

    claudia, you're too kind.

    chm, but it's supposed to be cold in Paris!

  8. As you certainly know, the viaduc de Garabit was built by Gustave Eiffel, better known for some ugly structure in Paris! LOL! It was quite a feat at the time.

  9. W... you forgot whiskers on kittens (but I cannot imagine that as being one of my favorite things.)

    Chrissoup... I cannot believe you made jam in this heat. Happily, it's much better today.


  10. chm, I learned that today.

    cheryl, poor kittens.


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