Sunday, July 13, 2008

There's A Fungus Among Us

I saw this out in the vineyard the other day. Teeny, tiny mushrooms in a tractor rut.

Little mushrooms.

They're very delicate, and no more than two or three centimeters high. I put the camera on the ground for this shot.


  1. Cool picture, Walt! I think these toadstools may have inspired the maker of the first umbrella.

  2. Tant pis qu'ils ne sont pas de diamants noirs, hein? Le jour de la Bastille est assez important pour moi aussi depuis qu'il est mon anniversaire. Je trouve que ça soit énormement gentil que la France marque le coup pour moi (clin d'oeil).

    Bonne fête!

  3. Was hoping Susan would chime in to tell us what kind of fungus it is.

  4. Edible?

    Voilà, the day when I play and sing "La Marseillaise". This is a good month for National Anthems. On the Ist: O Canada and God Save the Queen (because we're Commonwealth!). On the 4th: The Star Spangled Banner and America. When my sons were little, they would parade in the house and play the drum.I miss that... Have a good Bastille Day, Ken, Walt and Callie

  5. evelyn, merci! They do look like little parapluies, don't they!

    rachael, bon anniversaire!

    anne, thanks!

    cheryl, we can always hope!

    claudia, sounds like a very musical family :)

  6. Fungi are too tricky for me. I'd be a bit surprised if they were edible though - they have the blueish tinge of something containing lots of psilocybin (an hallucinogen). They don't meet the wilderness survival/vergetarian/bushcraft test for distinguishing if an unknown mushroom is safe anyway - they are not pure white and they have gills.
    If anyone really wants to know what they are, I can ask my French fungi contact.


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