Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Monday Lunch

On Monday we were invited to lunch at the summer house of our friends, H & A. We put Callie in the car and headed over - it's a short 15 minute drive from us.

H & A (standing) and Ken, apéritifs before lunch.

I have no food photos. I suppose I was too busy eating! We had a beet salad, pasta with an eggplant sauce, salad and cheese, and mango sorbet for dessert. Very tasty.

Our little Peugeot parked near the wheat field.

H's and A's house is a typical farmhouse in the longère style. These houses are one room deep, and the rooms are all connected by doorways. Originally the longère had a one-room living space. The other rooms were for farm animals and other farm activities. In the renovation, indoor plumbing and a bathroom had to be added.

The stone house is very pretty, with several old wysterias clinging to it just under the eaves.


  1. Why is it that every time I visit your blog I end up hungry?

  2. I found your fabulous blog while looking at Cahors as a Templar locale. It is wonderful reading better than Peter Mayle's. You should publish this for Americans who want to live in France. How did you find your House? What made you decide to move to France? I ususally visit France each Summer/Fall and stay in the Cahors Region somewhere close tothe Lot River which I dearly love. Cannot say enough good things about this site. Nancy Russell in Nashville, Tenn a bien tot.

  3. evol, it has the same effect on me! ;)

    nancy, thanks so much! The story of the house is a long one. I've been coming to France since 1981, so I knew I would eventually end up here.

  4. lunch under the wisterias. heaven. thanks.

  5. pj, yes! It's very pretty.


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