Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bastille Day Garden Tour

Something about holding the camera and pointing it towards me makes me look all puffy. Oh well. I can't complain. I'm still standing and able to move around, right? But enough about me. Here we go. This is what the vegetable garden is looking like right now:

How is your garden growing?


  1. Bastille Day parties were fun. I went in costume...a beret and nothing but a large Tri-color wraped around me from armpit to knee. You can only imagine a rather chunky 70 year-old bearded guy in this outfit (actually, better not to imagine this). Was I wearing anything under this? Like the Scot in a kilt, it was a secret.

  2. The garden looks great, and it's fun to see Callie in movement!


  3. Your garden is looking wonderful but don't you know you should never work with kids or animals? They'll steal the scene every time! ;-)

    p.s. We've been away so just got caught up on all your posts.

  4. Ooooo, I see a TV show in your future: Walt's Garden, PBS, 10 am on Saturdays...
    How 'bout it?

    Verification word is "aphoketi." Must be Greek.

  5. You guys may need to start your own farmer's market.

  6. sexy plants! Love your tomato stakes...

  7. it was lovely
    but it also hurt - my own garden took a turn for the worst today. I miss gardening so.

    Please keep up these tours - I am 'gardening' through you.

  8. bill, oh, how daring!

    judy, I'll have to take more videos of Callie.

    bettyann, I know, but I don't mind!

    chris, shall I start the pledge breaks now?

    starman, we shall see...

    gil, you see the stakes everywhere right now. Somebody sold a lot of them...

    urspo, sorry to hear that! That desert environment it pretty harsh.

  9. happy 14th, thanks for the wonderful tour and the shot of the grrl rolling. what do you do with all those apples and zucchinis? can you make apple jack or something alcoholic out of it?

    i'm going to make couscous with my farmers' market zukes, yum.


  11. Apples right off the tree are SO delicious. How is my garden growing? Being Winter down here at the moment, it's a little naked!

  12. Thank you so much for this video, it is exactly what I needed today. I am trying my first (baby) garden this year and everything is a thrill so far. I have tomatoes that have begun to flower in Michigan and it looks like I will have a pumpkin and watermelon too. The basil has come up pretty easily and the cilantro, well, that's another story......
    The flowers I have planted from seeds went nowhere. So onward, I keep trying.

    Please post a progress report in a month.

    Have a wonderful summer.



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