Sunday, July 26, 2009

Piscine Party

Pool Party. This sign was on the wall of the Lapin Blanc café, right behind where we sat on Bastille Day. I couldn't resist a photo.

The sign is for the local discothèque called l'Eclipse (the eclipse), which is out in the woods a few miles from where we live. Obviously, the pool party in question had already taken place by the time we saw the poster. Too bad. The sign reads*:

The Eclipse

Saturday 11 July
Pool Party
Free entry if you're wearing a bathing suit

Monday 13 July
Nighttime brouhaha

Saturday 18 July
Wet Tee Shirts (free water guns)

Fine print

* These are my best guesses. I've never been to any of these events. If I've got it wrong, please let me know!


  1. Harrumph. Water soakers are all the go, it seems, including at our BBQ yesterday: quite turned the musical chairs into mayhem, I can tell you.

  2. Love this post, sorry I'm too old for this kind of party! The tapage nocturne and free admission sound like a recipe for fun. What age group do you think goes to this kind of event?

  3. Wet Tee Shirts!?! Do you think that the water soaker event is really like a wet tee shirt contest à la Spring Break in Cancun???? Or is it more of a teenagers-running-around-with-big-soaker-water-pistols event? I sure hope it's the latter...:))

    Thanks for taking more St. Aignan market photos! Looking forward to them!

    Judy (enjoying watching the last hours of the Tour de France)

  4. Hmm, wet t-shirts become transparent. Wet t-shirt contests are very popular at motorcycle rallies where males outnumber females ten-fold at least. I'm sure I don't need to elaborate any further.

  5. PS Can't wait for the St Aignan photos ! Jean.
    Word verification is borerthm, but I'll never be boredwithem. !!

  6. Hmm, I didn't think the French would go for things like Wet T-shirt contests. I agree about the word verification thing. Unless you're having a problem with spammers, what's the point?

  7. Oh C'mon wcs, you're a shoe-in for the wet t-shirt contest!

  8. autolycus, sounds very interesting!

    evelyn, I believe these are the twenty-somethings. Way too young a crowd for me. Too much energy. Too drunk, and too rowdy, too.

    judy, well, I've never been, so I'm not sure! Maybe some of both...

    jean, got the picture!

    starman, oh, they're a surprising bunch, these French. I have had spam problems in the past, but it all went away with word verif. I know it can be a pain.

    evol, as a soaker or a soakee? ;)


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